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"Give them their riots, or push them all into the Free Ryloth movement. In time, we'll tame them and they'll welcome their bondage. Many already do."
―Belkor Dray[src]

During the Imperial Era, nighttime riots occurred on Ryloth during the summer months. The heat brought crowds into the streets and cantinas, which led to rioting. In 14 BBY, Colonel Belkor Dray's policy, administered in Moff Delian Mors' name, was to contain the riots and do their best to minimize fatalities and property damage. Colonel Belkor preferred not to crush the riots because he regarded them as a useful venting mechanism to dissuade the population form supporting the Free Ryloth movement. In secret, Belkor Dray was a spy for Cham Syndulla, leader of the Free Ryloth movement.[1]


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