S&N Music was a business that was established on Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


S&N Music was formed by the Tarasin Slice and Nivel and sold traditional Tarasin music. They started out by selling the music to tourists on low-quality datachips. The business soon took off, because Tarasin music became popular among various aquatic species, who found the vibrations of the music to be very soothing to their gills. When Senator Lavina Durada-Vashne Wren planned to marry Jarid DeBell, she ordered some Tarsin music from S&N Music for the ceremony. However, shortly afterward, anti-wedding graffiti was daubed onto the wall of S&N's distribution building, which upset Slice and Nivel.

S&N Music did not exclusively sell Tarasin music and the Trandoshan Gruunelda would sometimes purchase bootleg Trandoshan music from the two Tarasin.