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S'krrr was the third planet in the Ishanna system. It was discovered by the Rabaanites. The average day on S'krrr lasted 22 standard hours, and its year lasted 310 local days.

Natural featuresEdit

S'krrr was inhabited by a race of insectoid sentients, who at some point in their history created the landmark known as the Sikadian Garden. The gardens were inhabited by a race of non-sentient beetles known as drogs, whose population was kept in check by the birdlike skreevs. When the anthropologist Mammon Hoole, along with his charges Zak Arranda and Tash Arranda, visited S'krrr nine months after the Battle of Yavin. However during their time one of the S'krrr killed hundreds of skreevs, this caused the population of the beetles to go out of control, beginning a rampage that was eventually quelled by the Arrandas, along with the help of Captain Thrawn.

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