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Sélima Kim was a pirate organization, named after Sélima Kim, also a pirate.


Sélima Kim was a mediocre pirate who, once in old age, specialized in reparations, maintenance and sale of privateer's ships. Her son later took over the business, and christened it after his mother. Generation after generation, the business was modernized and structured, and became a thorn in the side on the interstellar trade.[1]

For at least two times, there were attempts to destroy the organization, but the pirates always managed to flee. During the Rebellion era, Sélima Kim was a pirate lair, dedicated to black market and to launch attacks against convoys.[1]

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Sélima Kim used Limase corporation to buy more and more small markets, trying to gain power in the merchant's Council of the planet Blinder. By this access to the council, they hoped to rule the entire planet, as it was governed by corporation ambassadors.[2]

Six months after the Battle of Hoth, they tried to sell an information to the Empire : some rogue operatives from the Alliance to Restore the Republic retrieved data about a military cooperation between the Empire and the Gasharn Kingdom and knew that the Emperor Palpatine would came himself to sign the treaty. But the Imperial Intelligence already known and instead paid Sélima Kim to sell the same information to the Rebellion.[2]


Since Sélima Kim was specialized in reparation and maintenance, the organization never lost this support orientation. But the business was so successful that the original repair shop became, under the guidance of the Kim family, a whole complex of hotels, cantina, casinos, markets, and a even a complete shipyard.[1]

Customers had access to different markets, shops and wholesales. The space station also offered forgery services to justify the possession of stolen goods, from Vibrosaw to vessels. Those false documents were of good quality but expensive, as was the rest of what Sélima Kim had to offer.[1]

Selima kim staff

A droid controlling the carriage of goods on Sélima Kim.

Pirates and privateers also had opportunities to find job, whether by association with fellow criminals on attacks or by being directly engaged as mercenaries by the organization. Sélima Kim was vast enough to serve as a starting point for raids.[1]

The Kim family also operated as pirates, and continually spied the entire base. They would often mix with the population and hide spying devices, tracking the best coup and joining the raids when they could.[1][2] They also wouldn't hesitate to sell any valuable informations, even to the Galactic Empire or the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[2]

Around the time of the Battle of Hoth, Sélima Kim tried to enlarge its activities with the political control of Blinder, a planet dominated by powerful corporation such as BioTech Industries, Industrial Automaton and the Mining Guild. They created the Limase corporation to legally buy small markets and gained enough influence to sit at the merchant's Council.[2]


It was a difficult task to integrate or even access Sélima Kim. Only its members knew the location of the base, and the organization always ensure the silence of its agents.[1]

Only pirates and privateers with an established reputation were allowed, and only if they were supported by a member. When proposed, an agent took its coordinates, a sample of the applicant's skin and asked him to stay at the place for one week to a month.[1][2] If the applicant was accepted, he was contacted by the same agent who gave him a customer code, a mail number and a Subspace transceiver frequency. Those informations must be memorized and would be used to contact Sélima Kim. Before leaving, the agent explained to the new member the way he would die in case of betrayal. If the applicant is rejected, the organization would send assassins on its trail.[1]

Trundle freighter surveying

A damaged ship approaching a Trundle-freighter ship.

Nobody would go to the base by himself. The organization maintained a high level of security and looked for their customers itself. After contacting the agent, an individual would receive an appointment, where he would give his customer code. Before embarking, the pirates would compare the code with the genetic code of the customer.[1]

There was three way to travel to Sélima Kim : without a vessel, the customer would embark on one of the organization's starship which regularly reached spaceports of civilized worlds. With a vessel, an agent of the organization would embark and secretly add the coordinates of the base in the navigation computer, then would take the command. If a damaged ship called the organization, a Trundle-freighter ship could lead it to destination.[1]


Selima kim soldier

A Sélima Kim Security guard.

Since its foundation, Sélima Kim was ruled by the Kim Family, such as the twins Hilma and Sven. Under their lead, the entire organization comprised 132.547 individuals : 38.453 ground staff, 20.249 space staff, 2.463 exterior agents, 12.592 administrative staff.[1]

Sélima Kim also had a fleet, consisting of a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, seven CR90 corvette, five EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, 153 TIE/LN starfighter, 93 TIE/IN interceptor, 18 Super Transport XI, a luxury yacht and nine Trundle-freighter ships.[1]

All the individuals knowing the Sélima Kim coordinates were called "agents", and all were dependent on the muratine, a drug used to induce death wishes under hypnotism. It would conduct the victim to become violent and suicidal under certain conditions, such as questioning about the Sélima Kim location.[1]



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