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"What brings a second rate bounty hunter like you to Tatooine?"
"The price on your head of course!"
Cad Bane and Sülphurr Cyander[src]

Sülphurr Cyander was a male bounty hunter who was active during the Clone Wars.


At some point, when he had already established his status as a bounty hunter, Sülphurr attended a casino, which became bankrupt during his visit thanks to the interventions of Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.

During his time as a bounty hunter, he met the notorious Cad Bane, and soon after, Bane knew that he was one of his rivals.

When Cad Bane and Ttekket ran into Cyander again, Cyander planned to turn the two into Dooku to collect the reward after they stole supplies from him. Cad Bane soon escaped, destroyed Cyander's BX-series droid commandos and captured the bounty hunter. Cad Bane was going to throw him into Cyander's ship's engine when Ttekket had an idea. Cad blindfolded Cyander and contacted Count Dooku to tell him it was Cyander who stole the supplies. They left Cyander stranded on Chenini to the Count's mercy, and took his ship and belongings.


Cyander had crystal rounds, that if added to a shot from his harmonic inducer, create an impenetrable crystal prison. He also had a crystal cannon that can knock people out easily, and probably has more settings too. Cyander also had an R-41 Starchaser. Sülphurr Cyander's R-41 Starchaser was personalized and included the symbol Cyander has on his uniform.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cyander's character was created as part of a competition in the comic. He was created by Benjamin Dawe.


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