The SB-20 security breach droid, or SB-20 slicer droid, was a line of droids produced by the underground company called "Illicit Electronics." SB-20 droids were heavily modified R-series astromech droids, especially R1 and R2 units, to which had been added illegal gear and programming suited to espionage and encryption/decryption, such as CodeRifter Encryption Equipment and SecurityViolator security programming. Due to their outward appearance as a common, legal droid, SB-20s could easily gain access to sensitive computer systems, slice into them with their illegal add-ons, and roll away through security checkpoints unnoticed.

Illicit Electronics marketed the SB-20 quietly to other underground groups at a base price of around twelve thousand credits. Imperial Intelligence also managed to acquire some of these droids for their own purposes; one such droid was instrumental in gathering information before the Imperial attack on a Rebel base on Pkihantri.



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