This article is about the unit of measurement for shield strength. You may be looking for the B2 super battle droid, commonly abbreviated SBD.

SBD was a common unit of measurement for deflector shield power.

Vessels of every size from starfighters to Star Destroyers could have their shield durability expressed in SBD units. The SBD rating for some vessels appeared to vary based on whether the information came from an Imperial or Rebel source, which may indicate different rating scales or faulty intelligence on one or both sides.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though this term appears to be an initialism, what it might stand for is unknown. {It could stand for Shield Base Defense.}

The term is exclusively used by the X-Wing video game series. Different systems of shield measurement are used by the West End Games and Wizards of the Coast role-playing games and by the Dark Forces series of video games.