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The SCS-19 Sentinel was a landspeeder used by the Galactic Empire.

Produced by TaggeCo, the Sentinel was an armored transport used for moving valuable cargo or conveying security-conscious people to their destination.

It was fully enclosed and came with a set of fully redundant repulsorlift engines so it could remain mobile if it had an engine failure. It also included angled armor plating and weak shields for increased protection. It had a set of forward-mounted laser cannons installed for further protection.

The Sentinel operated with a 20 meter altitude ceiling, allowing it to carry its passengers or cargo over short buildings or navigational hazards.

Unfortunately, the cost of all the protection made the SCS-19 expensive. It was too costly for military units to afford and didn't have sufficient firepower for combat operations. Most SCS-19s were used by crimelords, corporate executives and holovid stars.

Behind the scenesEdit

Galladinium's Fantastic Technology indicates the Sentinel could transport two passengers, while Arms & Equipment Guide suggests it could carry four.


Notes and referencesEdit

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