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The SC blaster rifle, also known as the Separatist Commando blaster rifle, was the standard weapon of the Separatist Commandos, utilized during the Clone Wars. The weapon was a match for the DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System that was carried by clone commandos. It was very useful in many situations, however, only so-called "commando droids" were programmed to operate it. The weapon possessed a relatively small ammo capacity, carrying only sixty shots as compared to the DC-15A blaster rifle's five hundred round capacity. This weapon's innovative engineering and many features were such that it could have changed the tide of the war if it was distributed in wider use. These features included Target imaging systems, Ammo displays, and the ability to switch from a Sniping weapon, to a high output Sub Machine Blaster. The rounds were also specialized in the fact they where geared to damage organics, firing high output blasts of damaging plasma shots, as well as a secondary auxiliary fire that functioned somewhat like a grenade launcher, but instead fired Sonic blasts, very much like that of a Geonosian Sonic blaster, these blasts could be set to a concussive blast meters wide, or a single damaging concussive ball.

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