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"You'll need this."
Jyn Erso while giving K-2SO an SE-14r[src]

The SE-14r light repeating blaster,[1] also known as the SE-14 blaster pistol[5], or simply the SE-14 pistol,[6] was a light repeating blaster manufactured by BlasTech Industries designed to be disassembled and fitted with a scope. Greatly resembling[1] the SE-14C blaster pistol,[7] it was used by personnel of the Galactic Empire, including the Imperial Intelligence's death troopers,[1] regular stormtroopers,[8] and some officers.[3]

Lando Calrissian owned a Chromium-plated SE-14r[9] that he used on a mission to Kullgroon.[10]

In the fifth year before the Battle of Yavin,[11] the rogue Imperial lieutenant Jovan carried one such pistol, which he used against ISB Agent Kallus while trying to escape Imperial justice.[3]



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