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The SE4 servant droid or SE4 Series Protocol Droid was a line constructed by Industrial Automaton to help with the planning of social occasions and parties.[3]


The SE4 stood at 1.6 meters tall and was built according to a basic humanoid frame. On the lining of the left index finger, the SE4 was fitted with a taste bud,[1] and the sensor was more sensitive than that of a Human[source?].

Aside of being good cooks, SE4 droids were equipped with very limited translator circuits containing about one hundred languages.[3][1]


The SE4 was an old model but it could be upgraded with the newest dishes and banquet customs, so the SE4 line would never really become 'outdated'.[1]

The SE4 series had a market cost of 2,600 credits new, 1,300 credits used.[1][5]

An SE4 servant droid named R02-E was employed by Drayk in the Dim-U monastery on Tatooine.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The taste bud is placed in the left finger in The Essential Guide to Droids, but Arms & Equipment Guide states that it's inside the right finger.



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