"Centuries of pooled experience by Guildmembers led to the SEPI principle, which is still the best distillation of what goes into a successful hunt. It's a simple but endlessly adaptable framework. Under SEPI, every hunter consists of four consecutive stages: Selection, Evaluation, Preparation, and Implementation,"
―Ro-San Borokki, Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook[src]

The SEPI principle was a stock formula that was applied by bounty hunters in pursuit of their quarry and was regarded among professional hunters as the unwritten law of the proper approach to claiming a bounty.[1] The SEPI framework was developed by members of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, who drew from centuries of bounty hunting experience when formulating the principle, and the SEPI approach was outlined with the Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook, in a chapter written by the veteran hunter Ro-San Borokki.[2] The principle stressed that there were four stages to a successful hunt: selection, evaluation, preparation and implementation, directing bounty hunters to only pursue suitable targets, seek sufficient information to perform a proper evaluation of their target's situation, apply proper planning as to the method of capture of the target, then apply sufficient resources when ultimately attempting to take down the target.[1]



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