The SH-9, also known as the Whisper Pistol was a magazine fed blowback slugthrower made by Czerka Arms.[1]

A special forces favorite, the SH-9 was favored for silent and up-close take downs, and its ability to pierce laminate armors like Stormtrooper armor.[1] Made from composite materials, the weapon's construction made it easily hidden on a user's person, and extremely difficult to detect on weapon's scans, even by an experienced sensor technician.[1] Combined with a built in silencer that silenced nearly all noise (except for a moderate clicking as the slide operated), it allowed its user to keep a low profile during commando raids and other stealth actions.[1][2] Due to its superior construction, the SH-9 functions even when wet or submerged, unlike blasters and some slugthrowers.[1]