"What would you give for a little peace and quiet? How about 300 credits? That's all it takes to own a sound negation system from Paretaine."
―Paretaine Sonics advertising[src]

The SNS-600, also known as the sound bubble, was a sound negation system produced by Paretaine Sonics. It created a dampening field inside of which distracting ambient noises wouldn't be heard.


The SNS-600 sound bubble was created by Paretaine Sonics, a company that specialized in sonic technology. In passive mode, this device generated a 360-degree field in a five-meter radius. Sounds emitted outside of the "bubble" could not be heard inside of it. In active mode, a 60-degree arc was produced out to ten meters. Sound waves were dampened within this arc, preventing aural vibration form being heard, whether by live or automated detectors.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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