This article is about the animated miniature toy versions of the AT-AT walkers. You may be looking for Stuffed AT-AT Toy, a plush resembling the real deal..
AT-AT toy

An AT-AT toy walking in high grass near Theed on Naboo

AT-AT toys were animated miniature toy versions of the fearsome All Terrain Armored Transports created by galaxy-renowned toymaker Dr. Fool. Unlike normal toys, these creations were heavily armored and featured small functional laser cannons.


One and a half years after the Battle of Yavin, Dr. Fool lost control of his creations. The toys breached containment and started to roam in the wilds near major cities on the planets Tatooine, Naboo, Lok, Corellia and Endor, attacking people on sight. Many were destroyed by groups of heavily armed individuals, while the remaining toys eventually ran out of power after twenty-four hours.

Behind the scenesEdit

On April Fools' Day 2009 and 2010, the developers of Star Wars Galaxies spawned high-level miniature AT-AT toys near major cities on several planets. Players who participated in killing one of these toys received the title "Toy Recaller".