The SS-39 space skiff was a small space maintenance vehicle used by the Galactic Empire, manufacturers and asteroid prospectors.


The SS-39 was a slow and simple vehicle, with only a frame, thrusters and a power core. An enclosed cockpit provided limited life-support for the pilot but passengers had to use powersuits.

Space skiffs were used for many short-range tasks in space. Orbital manufacturing facilities often removed the cockpit and installed an astromech droid as pilot. Asteroid prospectors sometimes attached habitat modules, using the skiffs as mobile base camps.

There were several skiff patrol variants that added a light laser or ion cannon, or a small missile launcher, with the gunner and control system occupying two of the passenger spaces.

The SS-39L patrol variant required a gunner and had a turret-mounted Kuat Vonak 21-Dx light laser cannon.


Many SS-39L patrol skiffs were used in the Derilyn Space Defense Platform. The Imperial pilot and gunner wore vacuum powersuits.

Behind the scenesEdit

The statblock in Operation: Elrood lists a NavComputer for specific no use as the vessel lacks a hyperdrive. It has been stated that the patrol variant is faster than the regular SS-39.