The SSB-1 Static Pistol was a model of Static Blaster.[1]

Originally produced by the long-defunct Systech Corporation in the form of the Systech electric blaster thousands of years prior, the original design was revived by SoroSuub Corporation and then redesigned into the SSB-1.[1]

Firing a powerful bolt of electricity generated by high-energy piezoelectric crystals within the weapon, the blaster was only useful at relatively close ranges - but more than capable of bringing down Wookiees and fully grown Gundarks with only a couple of blasts. Additionally, due to the exceptionally low power requirements to supercharge the crystals, energy packs within the SSB-1 could power the weapon through thousands of firings. Despite this, the alignment of the crystals was very exact - and the pistol could stop firing from damage or being roughly handled.[1]


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