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The STC003 Starcrasher was an Imperial Heavy Fighter, developed by Incom Corporation, then manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems and Yoyodine Propulsion Systems after the defection of Incom Corporation's engineers.


A very heavy, menacing ship, the Starcrasher was slower and less maneuverable than the regular Imperial starfighter. But it was more resilient, with a stronger hull, shield generators, and a better armament. It was also equipped with an advanced targeting computer, life support and communication systems, and an unusual siren, used to spread terror in ground assaults.

The STC003 had the distinction to not having any transparent surface and relying only on exterior cameras for its direct observation.

It was usually deployed alone, unless an officer piloting a TIE fighter escorted him to designate a specific target.


During the defection of an entire engineering team from Incom Corporation, the insurgents couldn't take the STC001 prototype and severely damaged it. Some loyal engineers continued their research and developed the STC003, with the active participation of Sienar Fleet Systems and Yoyodine Propulsion Systems.

Created to wreak havok in the Rebellion ranks, the Starcrasher was used for brutal space and ground assault. It was considered by some Imperial officers as the most formidable tool of destruction at their disposition against Rebels.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Starcrasher appeared in the French magazine Casus Belli 44 as a Gamemaster help for the Roleplaying game. Thus, the canonicity of the ship is ambiguous.

Sienar Fleet Systems is misspelled "Siennar" in one occurrence.