This article is about the starship. You may be looking for the indvidual, Sa Nalaor.
"Have you ever heard of the Sa Nalaor? It's a ship of legend out here, especially among smugglers, salvagers, and treasure seekers. Some say it's a Separatist treasury ship filled with cash or precious metals or secret technology, but it disappeared while fleeing Imperial pursuit to the edge of the Outer Rim at the end of the Clone Wars. Treasure hunters chase rumors occasionally, but no one has found it. Some never return."
―Reom to a group of spacers[src]

The Sa Nalaor was a Munificent-class star frigate named for the Separatist corporate executive, Sa Nalaor. The star frigate was caommanded by Captain Harsol, who had been a naval officer in the Republic before he defected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. At the end of the Clone Wars, the Sa Nalaor escaped the Imperial ships pursuing it, but later crashed on the planet Cholganna. Many different factions wanted to track the ship's final whereabouts down, as it was rumored to have a large amount of valuable cargo.

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