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"How do you fight it?"
"You don't. Mostly - you run."
Sek'nos Rath and Shae Koda[src]

Saarl, also known as Rift Worms, were large worm-like creatures that were native to the planet of Tython. These fearsome beasts possessed massive maws that they used to devour their prey. Typically, one did not fight the creatures and tended to run from them.

The Je'daii encountered these animals following their relocation to Tython by the Tho Yor. Je'daii Master Quan-Jang and his apprentice Shae Koda attempted to catch one of these worms. The beast almost killed the pair though they managed to survive the encounter. When the Force Hound Xesh crashed on Tython, the event led to a powerful Force Storm being unleashed and a Saarl was able to project Force lightning due to the phenomena. This specimen attempted to kill Xesh but where it fought Sek'nos Rath, Shae Koda and Tasha Ryo.


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