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Saber was the alias of the female Twi'lek Republic Strategic Information Service agent active during the Cold War. Her true name kept secret, "Saber" was part of Ardun Kothe's team of operatives along with "Hunter", "Chance", Wheel" and Legate". Unknown to both "Saber" and Kothe, two of the team's six members had true allegiances elsewhere - "Legate" posed as a defector from Imperial Intelligence of the Sith Empire but was actually still loyal to it, while "Hunter" was a member of the Star Cabal, pitting two sides against each other in the Galactic War. As part of his plan to acquire the Shadow Arsenal, Kothe sent "Saber" and "Wheel" to Mon Gazza while the others had their missions elsewhere. After all pieces of the plan fell together, "Saber" and "Wheel" together participated in the infiltration of the Shadow Arsenal facility.

"Legate" then appeared to "Saber" and "Wheel", revealed their true allegiances, and attacked, killing them both in the process.



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