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This article is about the Monastery saber cat. You may be looking for the binarian sabercat.
"Even when fighting the great sabercat, it is best not to turn your back upon the lowly serpent."
―Old Sithian proverb[src]

The saber cat, or sabercat, was a huge, feline, carnivorous species native to the planet Monastery. They were predators with a thick horn which protruded from the top of the skull. The saber cat had four huge paws, each with five razor-sharp claws. Their teeth were also razor-sharp.


A saber cat attacks Luke Skywalker

In their years on Monastery, the members of the Order of the Sacred Circle had tamed several saber cats, and kept them as pets.

The whelps brought a high price on the black market, and they were often pets and status symbols for crimelords and nobles.

When Luke Skywalker accompanied Domina Tagge back to Monastery on a diplomatic mission, he saved her from a seeming-saber cat. In truth, Domina Tagge manipulated the creature, (as she had done earlier with a nightshrike).

Behind the scenesEdit

The saber cat was created by Archie Goodwin and Carmine Infantino.