"I've always wanted to match a Jedi against my saberfish."
―Shon Ti'Ja decides to pit Obi-Wan Kenobi against his saberfish.[src]

Saberfish were a non-sentient species of fish with saber–like horns which sprouted from their foreheads. These horns were capable of clashing with lightsabers without being broken and were used by the fish to attack. Saberfish were purple in color with glowing white quills across their body as well as pink fins.[1] In around 21 BBY[2] on the planet Wielu, a pair of saberfish were owned by Shon Ti'Ja, a Nautolan crime boss, who kept his pets in a menagerie on Alkie island. When Ti'Ja set a trap in the menagerie for the smuggler Rook Pryce, whom had sold weapons owned by the Nautolan to a rival, he found that Pryce was accompanied by the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ta'Ja was thrilled to see the Jedi as he wished to pit a member of the Jedi Order against his fish. Kenobi and Pryce were dropped into a water tank containing the saberfish, whom the Jedi successfully fought off with his lightsaber before escaping the pit and defeating Ti'Ja.[1]

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Saberfish first appeared in The Clone Wars: The Smuggler's Code, a digest sized comic book released in 2013. It was written by Justin Aclin and illustrated by Eduardo Ferrara.


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