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Saberjowls were large aquatic creatures that lived in the oceans of Kamino.[1] They were one of several species of eel in the galaxy.


An adult member of this species were measured at 100 meters in length with mouths large enough to consume an entire starfighter with a single bite. They possessed small claws, which were believed to be vestigial fangs, that allowed them to manipulate the prey and force it into the saberjowl's mouth. They were known to possess scales that were green in color allowing them to blend in with the waters of Kamino. They also possessed a short row of fins along the dorsal ridge which added to their balance when swimming.


It was learned that the saberjowls were actually a genetically engineered creature made from the material that made Naboo's colo claw fish,[1] to which the saberjowl appeared almost identical. The Kaminoan cloners admitted in several documents that the introduction of the saberjowl to the waters of their homeworld was an accident. Furthermore, later attempts to breed the creatures led to a limitation of their reproductive capabilities.

One such creature attacked Obi-Wan Kenobi when his starfighter crashed during the Battle of Kamino.



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