Sable Dawn

Members of Sable Dawn

The Sable Dawn was a criminal organization which operated out of Point Nadir and various other places prior to and during the Imperial Period and the Galactic Civil War. A secretive group of assassins-for-hire, much of the organization's activities were shrouded in mystery; even the majority of its 100 members were unaware of the fact that their leaders were a group of murderous Force Adepts. From assassination to bounty hunting to supporting terrorist operations, Sable Dawn was willing to commit any act in the pursuit of wealth and power.


At one point in its history, administrator Virec Xan was hired to assassinate Tirello the Hutt on behalf of a Wroonian named Tis Dolan. Were Tirello to die, Dolan could place Zietta Anjiliac, a Hutt whom Dolan controlled, into a position of leadership as head of the Anjiliac kajidic in Point Nadir. As a direct result, Xan was able to maneuver the cartel into a position of power, maintaining good public relations with the Hutt kajidic and the technocratic organization, Epsis, in order to preserve a new status quo.

The Fell StarEdit

In his search for a mysterious artifact known as the Fell Star, the Balosar thief Barin Trevina ran afoul of the Sable Dawn, who sought to acquire the talisman for their own reasons. A good number of the organization's grunts went out of their way to get their hands on the Tatooinian conman, accosting his cousin at their home in Mos Eisley and murdering the pilot of a freighter on which he'd booked passage. Trevina's employer, Prello Anjiliac, hired a band of spacers to locate the man and the Fell Star, which lead said spacers into multiple conflicts with the Sable Dawn's enforcers, eventually culminating in a violent rescue at the Evad Court Safe House on Point Nadir. After this encounter, the spacers fled with Trevina into the comet's mines, at which point a Sable Dawn lieutenant set up an ambush in an area known as the Fissures. The spacers managed to survive the mines and located the Fell Star, dealing with three dangerous Force Adepts in the process.