The Sable III, originally known as the Anto's Star, was a modified Corellian CR90 corvette used by the flamboyant pirate Drek Drednar and his crew. The ship was stolen by a group of starship thieves working for Drednar who was planning a mutiny against Captain Karn Granzor.


The Anto's Star had was a standard corvette with a normal armament of 6 double turbolasers. After Drek Drednar and his crew took over the ship and defeated the gunship Sable II, the newly-commissioned Sable III received numerous upgrades: The mechanics upgraded the hull and shields and installed two salvaged gun turret mounts from the Sable II. These mounts were later equipped with an ion cannon and a tractor beam. Additionally, a salvaged tractor beam was installed for a front turbolaser.[1]

The docking bay carried five non-hyperdrive snubfighter, usually three Z-95 Headhunters and two Zebra starfighters, leaving one slot for emergencies.[1]

The ship was decorated with the "Blazing Claw" symbol, which had been an icon for piracy for thousands of years in the history of the galaxy.[1]


When the ship was stolen, it had barely made more than a dozen jumps. When landed in a starport, Drek Drednar, who planned a mutiny against his captain Karn Granzor. Eventually, the Anto's Star faced Granzor's Sable II in a space battle and Drednar was victorious. Drednar renamed Anto's Star the Sable III and installed several salvaged components and marked it with the traditionally "Blazing Claw".[1]

Drednar's preferred target was The Barricade. He used the Sable III's tractor beams to move asteroids into the way of hyperlanes and pull other ships out of hyperspace. While Drednar had no preference in targets, he avoided Imperial ships and retreated when more powerful ships like a Star Destroyer, were pulled into realspace.[1]

The Sable III was damaged when it engaged the Annihilator and had to flee into the Quintar Nebula. There, Drednar discovered the hidden planet of Taraloon, where he set up his new base. The base included maintenance and hanagr bays for the Sable III.[1]

When Imperial operations concentrated more onto Rebel activities, Drednar used to new-found freedom of movement to attack less-remote targets.[1]


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