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The Sabotage of Olanet Droid Factory was a sabotage mission undertaken by Atin, Prudii, and a clone pilot 460 days after the First Battle of Geonosis.

Atin and Prudii infiltrated the Olanet droid factory in an successful attempt to hack into the factory's manufacturing criteria and have it introduce an alloy called carvanium into all battle droids that the factory produced from then on.

This would have the effect of drastically weakening the body case, so that a minor explosion would completely shatter it.

While downloading information from the factory's mainframe, Prudii came across information implying that the Separatists' war machine was not nearly as massive as the general public had been led to believe. As this data is discrepant with the known scope of the war (including Separatist forces in raids as small as the Battle of Coruscant, which numbered in the hundreds of millions alone) it may have been deliberately planted disinformation.



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