"For every sin there is an equal and positive retribution."
―The Holy-Book[src]

The Sacred Way was a religion that believed in the worth of the soul of organic beings (even cyborgs, whom it believed still had "half a soul").[1] The teachings of the belief was written down in their Holy-Book.


Though not much is known of the Sacred Way, rough outlines of two of their beliefs are known.


"Pera" performing a Sacred Way burial ritual.


Sacred Way followers believed in every being with a soul's right to be buried. By tradition, the possessions of the deceased transferred ownership to whomever buried him or her. The Sacred Way burial ritual included a chirp-like chanting and burning of incense to the gods of space.[1]


"Violence only ever begets more violence."

The religion was opposed to violence, but seemed to allow its use for self-defense. The actions of "Pera," a Verpine Sacred Way priest on Aduba-3 protected Han Solo, Chewbacca and himself against a group of angry spacers indicate this. "Pera" even taunted the assailants: "Begone, defilers of the Sacred Way!"[1]

Galactic prevalenceEdit

The exact number of Sacred Way believers is unknown, but it is known that it was spread to several planets around the time of the Galactic Civil War, including Aduba-3.[1] It was however outlawed by the Galactic Empire, possibly due to its pacifistic stance, and many, including Imperial Grand Admiral Peccati Syn and his family, were forced to abandon the religion.[2]



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