"In the center, the Tarasin had erected a kind of altar or monument. They said they did not worship there, but instead set up the monument as a celebration of life in the forest."
Reidi Artom[src]

The Sacred ch'hala tree grove of the Tarasin laid deep in the forests of Cularin. It included dozens of ch'hala trees, some of them from around 532 BBY. The trees caused hypnotic ripples of color, similar to the effect Tarasins get with their scales.[1]

There was a stone in the middle of the grove, commemorating the time when the Tarasin began living in sedentary tribes or irstats. The stone predated the grove.[1]

At least once in their lives, each Tarasin religious leader would make a pilgrimage to the sacred grove. They would return home with the cutting of a ch'hala tree, to plant near their irstat. The irstat-kes of any Tarasin irstat was supposed to meet there with her peers periodically.[1]

At the time of Reidi Artom's exploration of Cularin in 232 BBY, there were about forty ch'hala trees in the grove, and by 31 BBY, there were almost thirty more. Although Artom was invited by the Tarasin, later shows of disrespect by outworlders shocked the Tarasins. The Tarasin forbid any alien to visit the Grove, except with a Tarasin escort, knowing that it would else attract thousands of curious people and scientists. No platform city was to be constructed nearer than 1,000 kilometers from the Grove.[1]

Though the grove was not stronger in the Force than any other source of life, sometimes Jedi from the Almas Academy would go there to meditate. The isolation of the grove was calming and the flowing patterns on the ch'hala trees was almost hypnotic.[1]