Sacredot was a title used within the Cult of The One and The All to denote a t'landa Til who was a priest of the religion.[1] They either assisted or led the ceremonies of Exultation that were held at each Colony on the world of Ylesia. During the Exultation, the Sacredot would "hum" by vibrating their chin while focusing on positive and warm emotions, which had the effect of an intoxicating drug on those who were unprepared for it. In addition, they led recruiting missions that would venture out into the galaxy to recruit more followers that they would then enslave.[2] Sacredots served the cult under the High Priest, Teroenza. Palazidar was a Sacredot, but fell asleep during an Exultation.[1]

Most of them were either killed or fled into the wilderness when the Rebel Alliance attacked and liberated the planet.[3]



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