Sadana, sometimes known as Sadana of Keltal, was a female Human permitor affiliated to the House of Keltal in Depatar. She was a relaxed and pragmatic person with a penchant for good clothes. She was a known speciesist, and very vocal when talking about local politics.

In 31 BBY, Sadana approached a landing ship, hoping that the visitors would hire her as their permitor. Other prospectives included Furran, Gusimin the Honest, Koyi Kobad and Maltok. All of them were disappointed to discover that they had already hired Fot Ducela.

Later, Sadana was hired by an undisclosed party, probably Alec, as the permitor of a group of six thugs. Sadana got them a permit to ambush the crew of the previously-mentioned ship. When she appeared with his well-armed force, Ducela talked with her for a while, and then he offered to buy self-defense permits for his group. During the fith, Sadana watched intently, hoping the defendants would perform a forbidden movement so she could blamed them for not having the specific permit.