"I am a historian and I seek to record your story. My usefulness as an escape artist is, I'm afraid, limited. To put it mildly."
―Sai'da, to Han Solo[src]

Sai'da was a member of the B'omarr Monk order. He was a tall, thin Human, and had a keen interest in history outside of the order, separating him from the other monks. Further separating himself from his peers, Sai'da believed himself to be the only monk in the order to own a datapad.

When Han Solo was in Jabba's cell after being released from the carbonite, Sai'da acquired entry to it. He made a deal with Solo. The smuggler would tell the monk his history, particularly his part in the Galactic Civil War; in return, Sai'da would tell him what he could about Leia Organa and would do all in his power to protect her. He left the cell with a new-found respect for Solo and began to think about many things like bravery, action, camaraderie, and humor, which were unknown to him before this meeting.