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"The Emperor's words make everything clear, Jedi. The First Son will prevail, and you will die."

Saiak was a male Human from Corellia who was serving on the Corellian Council during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. However, Saiak was also a Child of the Emperor, a Force-sensitive agent of the Sith Emperor, and Saiak revealed his true nature when the Barsen'thor stormed Guardian Hold One.


"Jedi, please understand. We can all agree these consequences are unfortunate. But some of us were buying time. The Empire's offer was a chance to save Corellia, and her people."
―Saiak talking with Barsen'thor[src]

During the Galactic War on Corellia, Saiak was present in Guardian Hold One where he acted as a member of the Corellian Council. Along with Councilors Delquis and Nadien, Saiak secretly planned to have them negotiate with the First Son to allow Corellia to join the Empire. However, the plan failed when Barsen'thor arrived to search for the First Son. Eventually, Saiak revealed himself as a Child of the Emperor and killed Delquis for failing. Saiak couldn't allow the Jedi to hunt down the First Son and engages him in a lightsaber combat. The Jedi Consular took the upper hand and defeated Saiak.


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