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Sometime between to 49 BBY and 32 BBY, a smuggler named Saidle Frex operated out of a base hidden within Gungan ruins on the planet of Naboo. Frex, and his subordinates, utilized the facility to smuggle local veermoks off-planet, to sell as guard-animals to criminals across the galaxy.

Jedi Master Ali-Vor assigned his Padawan, Rann I-Kanu, to investigate a rumored location of the base. I-Kanu, a student at Naboo's Royal House of Learning in Theed, enlisted the aid of three fellow students, Galak, Arani Korden, and the Wookiee Rorworr to assist him with the investigation. The group eventually discovered Frex's hideout, overwhelmed the smugglers, and defeated Frex himself, freeing a kidnapped House of Learning Professor, Tasrah Boh, in the process.

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