The Sal-Solo Estate was Thrackan Sal-Solo's home during his time as Head of State of Corellia. A former CorSec safehouse, it was located a kilometer from the government center of Coronet City. The estate was completely flat, covered by a blue clover and with the only building being his home itself. The building was a four-story-tall dome of duracrete painted blue-green. The estate was surrounded by a tall duracrete wall, and the interior was ringed with various sensors.

The building had no windows; instead, there were holocams on the outside which projected images of the outside to panels on the interior. The only entrances were opening slabs of durasteel, two of which could admit speeders. It had its own power generator, and its water and sewage pipes were deliberately small enough so that no one could enter through them.

During Operation Roundabout, Tiu Zax entered the building, staying inside doing reconnaissance work for several days before being retrieved by Mara Jade Skywalker.