Sal Olbeg was a genetically engineered Human senator from Dayark. He was a political opponent of Sho'ban Do.

The grandchild of one of the original colonists, Olbeg was genetically modified for life on Dayark with nostrils that were able to close at will, webbed fingers, and short downy hair. In his early thirties in 8 ABY, he was one of the youngest senators. Olbeg lived on the outskirts of Rytal Prime in an expansive estate.

Olbeg had heard rumors that Do was planning a coup to take over the Kathol Republic, and feared that the droid gladiatorial contests on Pitann were being used to build and train a droid army to use in the takeover. Because of his fears, he was a vocal opponent of the contests.

In 8 ABY, Olbeg met with the members of the crew of the FarStar at his estate, where he relayed his concerns over Do and Pitann's droid gladiators, and pointed them towards Uta T'Cha, a droid programmer living on Pitann. He hoped that the crew would find evidence to discredit Do.