"Our pilot is of an odd sept, and Selonian pilots are often strange. She might act odd from time to time. Pay no attention, and don't be alarmed."

Salculd was a sterile female Selonian with sleek black fur everywhere except her belly, which was light brown. She was a member of the Hunchuzuc Den living on Corellia. She was bred to be a pilot and flew primitive Selonian cone ships. Though Selonians are honest by nature, Salculd was more up front about her opinions than most, and she also occasionally made wisecracks.

During the First Corellian Insurrection, Salculd and Han Solo did their best to keep their cone ship from falling apart on its trip to Selonia. The ship was commanded by Dracmus, who was largely unfamiliar with maneuvering a starship and sometimes gave commands that might have placed the crew in danger. When Han convinced Dracmus to defer to his expertise, Salculd was noticeably relieved.



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