Salen Toth was a Jedi around the time of the New Sith Wars. Salen was sent to the planet Harpori in the Balowa system to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Jedi Knight Crian Maru and her apprentice, Dree Vandap. Using the Force as a guide, Salen was drawn to a lake in the middle of the forests of Harpori.

There, Salen found the slain body of Crian's apprentice, killed by a lightsaber strike. On the shore of the lake, Salen could find no sign of Dree's master; however, he did note that a darkness permeated the area. Figuring that there was nothing more he could learn of the events that took place, Salen gathered up Dree's lifeless body and returned to his ship, his investigation completed.


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