"Greetings, I am Lieutenant Salin Glek, aide to Commander Ackbar. I trust you have a prime reason for jeopardizing the security of the base."
―Salin Glek to an Alliance team[src]

Salin Glek was a male Quarren who grew up in the bowels of Dac. One of Gial Ackbar's lieutenants; he was working on the Shantipole Project, until Glek betrayed the admiral to Bane Nothos. He stole the Out Runner to make his escape.


Salin Glek was a Quarren male from the planet Dac who grew up in the underworld of a floating city. He despised his Mon Calamarian neighbors, but never made his hatred known. He joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, climbing the ranks until he attained the rank of Lieutenant and a position of power as Commander Gial Ackbar's chief aide on the Shantipole Project in the Roche asteroid field. He operated as a spy for the Galactic Empire, and intended to use the use the Empire to make the Mon Calamari suffer for their perceived crimes against the Quarren. His Imperial contact was District Commander Bane Nothos, and Glek kept him advised of the progress of the new two-man B-wing starfighter being developed at Research Station Shantipole. As the prototypes for the B-wing neared completion, Glek sent a message to Nothos, giving him time to form a strike fleet before sending a final signal to attack and claim the prototypes.[1]

Glek learned from an engineer that the two B-wing prototypes were flight-capable, but the Quarren kept that information from Ackbar. Three days after sending the signal, Glek met an Alliance team that arrived at the base carrying a priority holodisc for Ackbar direct from Mon Mothma. Glek attempted to intercept the disc, but the team had orders to hand it directly to Ackbar himself. The team met with Ackbar, and the holodisc indicated that it was private for Ackbar and the Alliance team; Glek was dismissed from the room while the message from Mon Mothma was played, but chose instead to take the team's starship, the Out Runner, and flee to Nothos' command ship. He also gave the final attack command to Nothos, and incapacitated two asteroid hoppers on the way out.[1]

During the Empire's assault on the Project, Glek landed the Out Runner on Research Station Shantipole and oversaw Imperial technicians loading the prototype B-wing starfighters onto a shuttle. He engaged the Alliance team in battle as they attempted to recover the prototypes.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Pah, dreams are only useless illusions."
―Salin Glek[src]

Glek was a bitter, hateful Quarren, despising the Mon Calamari, and Ackbar in particular. His motivations for the betrayal of the Alliance stemmed not from money, or power, but out of sheer spite. Glek hid is true feelings well, biding his time to betray the Alliance and Ackbar.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Glek was proficient in the use of a blaster, and could pilot a starship. He was also an effective liar and con man, and could bypass security systems.[1] As a Quarren, Glek was a strong swimmer, could breathe in both air and water, and was able to resist extreme pressures at ocean depths.[2] He could speak Basic and Quarren.[1]


During his time with the Shantipole project, Glek carried a blaster pistol and a comlink. He wore a brown tunic and cape.[1]



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