"You're barred from this establishment! Permanently! Don't ever show your faces around here again!"
"Don't worry about that. The drinks were terrible, anyway."
―C'airam exchanges words with the bounty hunter Zuckuss[src]

Salla C'airam was a Bergamasque and the owner and operator of a high-class cantina frequented by the successful gambler Drawmas Sma'Da. Out of respect for his wealthy patrons, C'airam made sure that no weapons could enter the establishment with the use of his pet ergovores. Just like the hoojibs, ergovores fed on pure energy, and C'airam kept them constantly hungry so that they would be able to easily detect concealed weapons.

The bounty hunters 4-LOM and Zuckuss, however, were able to get by C'airam's system by hiding a weapon power pack inside the metal skull of 4-LOM. After getting inside Zuckuss equipped the pak to a small hold-out blaster and was able to take Drawmas Sma'Da into custody. C'airam was visibly worried at the turn of events, knowing that the ease with which the hunters had bypassed his security would surely hurt his business.


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