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"You're barred from this establishment! Permanently! Don't ever show your faces around here again!"
"Don't worry about that. The drinks were terrible, anyway."
Salla C'airam exchanges words with the bounty hunter Zuckuss[src]

This upscale cantina was owned by the Bergamasque Salla C'airam and located on the planet Sarrish. His establishment had features that were designed to relax his clientele, including soft, dirge-like music, and programmed light shows across the walls. Claiming to cater to a wide range of alien physiology, C'airam's menu boasted a number of intoxicants, including exotic liqueurs. The kitchen was staffed by service droids, and could produce enough food for a large banquet, which C'airam usually reserved for distinguished guests. To prevent violent confrontations and destruction of the decor, C'airam housed a number of ergovores in the entrance and kept them underfed just enough so that they would detect the presence of blaster power packs. The power packs would then be relinquished to the proprietor upon entry to the cantina.

Zuckuss and 4-LOM visited this cantina while tracking Drawmas Sma'Da, a gambler who was wanted by the Galactic Empire for his seemingly-impossible luck with odds and betting in his self-developed galaxy-wide gambling operation, the Invisible & Ineluctable Casino. When Sma'Da arrived, C'airam greeted him with a banquet that had been prepared prior. After a short while, the bounty hunters made their move, with Zuckuss apprehending Sma'Da. He and 4-LOM then removed the gambler from the establishment. C'airam declared them both to be banned from his cantina, though Zuckuss claimed not to care, as "the drinks were terrible, anyway."


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