Salld Nrump was a male Sullustan who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


"Please—you must help me. They are going to kill me. They will kill us all for this!"
―Salld Nrump, to the Heroes of Cularin[src]

Salld Nrump was a male Sullustan who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In circa 31 BBY, after starting a job at a communications center located in the city Varna Biqua on the planet Cularin, Nrump noticed what at first he believed was a random anomaly in the center's communications transfer system. He investigated it and discovered that large quantities of encrypted information were being sent from the planet Cularin to a Metatheran Cartel satellite, within three separate streams of coded transmissions. Unknown to Nrump, the information was being broadcast from three hidden data transmitters that the Cartel had placed on Cularin to gather evidence, and which had been discovered by the Red Fury Brotherhood pirate group, who were using the information to eliminate their competition. Nrump attempted to decode the transmissions, but he was unsuccessful, so he planned to hire Krol-Pek, a Cerean encryption expert who lived on Cularin, to take a look at them. He left his office and began searching for a private communications link, to arrange for Krol-Pek to come to Genarius.[1]

The Syndicate, a criminal organization that had been hired by the Red Fury Brotherhood to decrypt information gathered from the transmitters, learned of Nrump's discovery and sent a team of mercenaries to the communications center at which he worked. They downloaded all of his findings about the encrypted transmissions, then destroyed the center and killed everyone inside. They then began searching for missing employees and, after noticing that Nrump was not among the dead at the center, began searching for him. The Sullustan returned from contacting Krol-Pek to find his former workplace in ruins, and realized that the transmissions that he had discovered related to something big. He went into hiding and contacted Krol-Pek, requesting that the Cerean arrange for Nrump to be transported to Cularin, so that they could decode the transmissions in a safer place. However, the mercenaries interrupted the transmission and tracked Nrump down. They wounded him and he fled to the Raging Rancor Cantina, where he handed a datapad to the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents that were visiting the cantina. The mercenaries then arrived at the cantina and attempted to kill Nrump.[1]

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Salld Nrump appeared in Quarters a role-playing supplement that formed part of the Living Force campaign. In the adventure, it is possible for Nrump to die during the attack on the Raging Rancor Cantina, or for him to survive and be placed into a coma.


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