―A sign outside Saludi's[src]

Saludi's was a cantina in Coruscant's Underworld that was a popular hangout for pilots and criminals. People smoked and purchased the Alderaanian meat seasoning P'chab here, even though it was not a narcotic.


Chez O'nder worked there as a bartender and he was also a part-owner of it. The Wookiee Colara was employed in it as a bouncer. It had a secret backroom that could be accessed by entering the restroom and pressing on a particular tile. The back room was used for gambling and also by the Believers as an access point to a tunnel network that lead to their secret base on Coruscant. A group of spacers traveled there when they were trying to find this base, as the Believers had stolen a box made from Mandalorian iron. One of the bars patrons suggested to them that Saludi's had been opened about 50 years earlier and before that was a bunker that was created during a long ago war.


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