The Salvager Three.

"I hope the Imps buy your story, Shug—I know I wouldn't."
―Salla Zend to Shug Ninx, aboard the Salvager Three[src]

Salvager Three was a freighter, bought by Shug Ninx, used as cover to enter Byss space by Salla Zend to retrieve her ship, the Starlight Intruder (they would later discover that it had been scrapped). Salvager Three was likely left behind by the pair on Byss after they decided to leave Byss with Ninx's Starhook Ten and a group of recently evacuated Rebels or modified to become Starhook Ten.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Salvager Three could be another name for Starhook Ten, given that both ships seem to be identical. Additionally, Ninx and Zend enter Byss with the former while using false codes and leave with the latter. However, a more likely explanation may be that Ninx had left the Starhook Ten at Byss prior to the events depicted in Dark Empire and Dark Empire II or that it was modified using what was left of the Starlight Intruder as the Dark Empire Handbook would suggest.

Salvager Three is misidentified as the Starhook VII in Ninx's entry in The Essential Guide to Characters. This error is not present in Zend's entry.