"We can't risk damaging the environment or the Kolto."
―Sami to Revan[src]

Sami was a Human female scientist who was living on Manaan during the time of the Jedi Civil War.


A scientist for the Galactic Republic, Sami was stationed on Hrakert Station in 3956 BBY. Sami was working on manufacuting synthetic kolto when Hrakert Station was overrun by Selkath driven insane by the Progenitor. Along with Kono Nolan, she was one of the few survivors found by Revan.

As Nolan's moral counterpart, she advocated destroying the kolto mining machinery to tame the Progenitor, which Revan decided to follow, to the great dismay of the amoral Nolan who advocated using an experimental poison to kill the great firaxa.


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