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"The Banking Clan will sign your treaty."
―San Hill to Dooku[src]

San Hill was a male Muun and Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan during the Clone Wars. He pledged the support of the Banking Clan to the Confederacy of Independent Systems and served as the financial cartel's representative on the Separatist Council. Hill was slaughtered by Darth Vader on Mustafar following the end of the Clone Wars.


A male Muun from the planet Scipio, San Hill was the Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.[1] On the onset of the Clone Wars,[2] Hill attended a secret meeting on Geonosis[3] and signed a treaty with the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[2] pledging the Banking Clan's financial and military assets to the movement,[4] with Hill serving as the financial cartel's representative on the Separatist Council.[2] Hill conspired with Separatist leaders Poggle the Lesser and Count Dooku to destroy their volatile ally General Grievous and have him rebuilt as a cyborg.[4] During the final days of the Clone Wars, Hill, along with the other Separatist leaders, moved from Utapau to Mustafar[5] where they were all killed by Darth Vader.[1]


Like most Muuns, San Hill was more comfortable with business and closed-door politics than being on the front lines of war. Hill was highly influential, and wasn't above conspiring with others to get his way.[4]

A male Muun, Hill stood at 1.91 meters tall,[2] and had yellow eyes and pale skin.[3]

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San Hill first appeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, where he was voiced by Chris Truswell.[3]



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