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«You may take them. Those slaves are of no more use to me.…»
―The Sand People Chieftain[src]

The Sand People chieftain was the leader of a Sand People tribe residing in an enclave within the Dune Seas of Tatooine, near Anchorhead, in 3956 BBY. That year, Revan and the crew of the Ebon Hawk arrived on the desert world in search of the Rakatan Star Map located there. When he and his party stole into the Sand Peoples' enclave wearing robes taken from a dead ambush party, ostensibly on a mission for Czerka Corporation to destroy the Sand People, they were able to meet with the chieftain and discuss terms for a cessation of hostilities, thanks to HK-47's translation abilities. In exchange for providing the tribe with moisture vaporators so that they could build up supplies of water, the chieftain agreed to move the tribe further away from the settlement and reduce their attacks on miners.

When Revan unexpectedly returned with the vaporators, the chieftain then agreed to release a trio of captive Jawas in addition to Griff, the elder brother of Twi'lek party member Mission Vao. Though the Chieftain stated he still did not trust Revan, the Chief presented his gaffi stick to the Jedi as a gesture of good faith. Eventually, the chieftain led his people to another part of Tatooine.

Behind the scenesEdit

In one alternate ending, the chieftain allows Revan and his party to free Griff Vao and the imprisoned Jawas in exchange for a krayt dragon pearl.

In the dark side ending, Revan somehow gives the Sand People cause to attack him, thus resulting in the party killing the entire Sand People tribe. Though it is not always dark sided. If Revan talks to him without HK-47 he will attack.

If the player uses HK-47 to negotiate peacefully they can still have the Chieftain and his tribe attack Revan if the player attempts to open any of the containers in the Enclave.

If Revan talks to the chieftain about their history he can learn that there is one storyteller in the village. You must first prove yourself as a warrior and kill a krayt dragon and bring back the pearl. The chieftain doesn't believe you will do this but when you do, you can bring him the pearl and you will gain access to the storyteller. There you can learn the mysterious history of the sand people. If you're not careful asking questions despite HK-47's warnings the whole tribe may attack.