This is article is about the creature found on Blenjeel. For the Tatooine counterpart, see sandworm.
"Nasty critters."
Kyle Katarn[src]

Sand burrowers were large carnivorous worms that lived under the sands of Blenjeel. Jaden Korr witnessed a sand burrower swallow a survivor that was stuck on the planet when his ship crashed there, and was forced to avoid them as he searched for spare parts to repair his ship.

It used ground vibrations to detect prey; moving under the sand at astonishing speed, emerging, and snatching the victim in its capacious, funnel-like mouth. It would then sink back into the sand, dragging its prey along with it. However, they were not very intelligent; they easily mistook the explosion of a Thermal detonator on the sand as a person standing on that spot, and this tactic could be used to distract them while the thrower ran the opposite direction.

Physical descriptionEdit

JKA sandburrower

A sand burrower.

Sand burrowers were short, stubby, worm-like creatures with a tanned brown carapace and short, leg-like appendages running the length of its body. Despite their appearance, they were surprisingly fast underground, capable of overtaking a normal running humanoid and devouring it. Its eyeless head was punctuated with a large, circular, jaw-less mouth nearly as wide as the thickness of the body. The funnel-like mouth was lined with hundreds of small, barb-like teeth pointing inwards to prevent prey from escaping its maw. The burrowers apparently moved very close to the surface when traveling underground, as sand was thrashed about as they moved toward prey.


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