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The sand skitter was a small, furry rodent-like creature native to the deserts of the planet Tatooine that was distinguishable for its four eyes; two on its head, and two additional eyes supported by eye stalks. The fur color ranged from black to brown.[source?] They ate plant roots, insects, and garbage if they lived in urban areas.[source?] They were considered pests, due to their habit of chewing through electrical cables (they mistook it for plant roots) and their tendency to carry disease.[source?] Harmless and easily caught by a quick, long tongue, it was one of the favored preys of the worrt. When under distress or frightened, they utter a high-pitched cry, similar to that of the Gorgs or Klatooine paddy frogs.

Behind the scenesEdit

The sand skitter was named by the Lucasfilm-sanctioned Salacious B. Crumb Creature Pack - Inclusive Edition, by Sideshow Collectibles.



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