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A sandboard was a makeshift sled created by the scavenger Rey during her time on the planet Jakku, prior to joining the Resistance and the search for Luke Skywalker.


In order to construct her sandboard, Rey salvaged a scrap of smooth[1] metal[2] plating from the hull of a Mon Calamari escape pod. The plate, which curved inwards at either side, was large enough to carry both Rey and her rucksack. She utilized a fuel port as a fastening grommet, and re-purposed the fabric of a parachute to line the inner face of the sled.[1] She fastened a strap to the board, allowing her to guide the sled during travel, or to pull it along behind her while walking.[3]


Rey loading speeder

Rey loading her speeder from her sandboard (right).

Rey created the makeshift sled on Jakku, and utilized it to help her descend quickly down the planet's dunes. It was large enough to carry both herself and her rucksack,[1] allowing her to make salvage runs in the Starship Graveyard. In order to travel across greater distances, Rey stowed the sandboard[3] in the salvage bag of her speeder.[4]

Rey used her sandboard after salvaging parts from the crashed Imperial-class Star Destroyer Interrogator,[5] loading her salvaged scrap onto the board and sending it down the dune. She found another sled of scrap, using it to follow her sandboard down to her speeder, and jettisoned this after reaching the bottom and loading her loot[2] to travel to Niima Outpost.[3]



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